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Key Points of UHMWPE polyethylene conveyor roller sleeves
UHMW Polyethylene powder is colourless, odorless and non-toxic, so UHMW Polyethylene pipes can be used directly onto the food machinery.
>Good Self-lubrication:
UHMW Polyethylene contains a kind of waxy material itself, so the UHMW Conveyor Roller Sleeves are very good in self-lubrication, and the friction coefficient(196N, 2 hours) of the product is only 0.219 MN/m (GB3960) .
>Surface Non-adhesion:
Because of the low friction coefficient and non-polar, the surface of the UHMW
roller covers is non-adhesive. Although the existing material
generally scale in the medium with a PH value of more than 9, but this product
does seldom scaling.
>High Wear Resistance:
The unique molecular structure of UHMW Polyethylene makes the uhmw roller covers have a very high resistance to sliding friction.
Customer Service
All specifications of UHMW conveyor roller sleeves as a kind of Food Grade Conveyor Roller Cover are available to be customized to fit most of the roller sizes:
SpecificationsFrom DN30 to DN500
Wall ThicknessFrom 3mm to 60mm
Standard ColourWhite
LengthCut to length as your requirement
PackagingCrate or Customized as your requirementUHMWPE Other Application Pipes manufacturers