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What is Polyurethane Foam? And How is It Made?
What Is modified MDI?
As a derivative of the Pu Systems MDI series products, modified MDI is currently commonly used as a technical extension of pure MDI and polymeric MDI, which could be widely used in such sectors as slab polyols, elastomers, coatings and adhesives by providing its special properties of usage and processing due to differences of product structure design and synthesis process. There are various kinds of modified MDI, and several MDI manufacturers giants have also been stepping up the research and development of modified MDI, which has enriched modified MDI types. And the products that have been produced and used in a large scale.
The two major components of polyurethane formulations are a polyol component and an isocyanate component. Polyols for Polyurethanes and polyester polyols have been used as the polyol component in polyurethane formulations for many decades. They remain the most commonly used polyols. Vast numbers of polyether polyols and polyester polyols, optimized to provide different combinations of behavior during fabrication processes and performance characteristics of fabricated articles, are available from many different manufacturers.