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PE/PP/PPR pipe extrusion machine
The production line with high efficiency single screw extruder and through the spiral or basket type mould by multi - Crawler traction machine vacuum sizing cooling and as is known to all, large-diameter pipe are tractive pipe variety, we specially developed rapid traction switching device, so as to solve the the problem. By the appropriate transformation part of the unit, you can achieve a two-layer or multi-layer co extruded, replacing the extruded layer material or add special materials according to the requirements of the use, such as flame retardant, antistatic, corrosion resistance, nano antibacterial materials, greatly improving the pipe use, reduce raw material consumption, thereby reducing the cost of pipes.
The production line using PLC control system, man-machine dialogue interface, simple operation, stand-alone adjustment, the full board linkage, automatic fault alarm, production and reliable.
Single extrusion
Setting speed1.5-15m/min
Machine power55-350kw
Worker per flight2
ControlPLC+Touch screen
1. Waste material can be recycled and reuse again
2. Imported temperature controller
3. The mold could be customized for different kinds of product shape

鈼?WENZHOU YUANJI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD has 30 years of history of making machines. From the beginning of its establishment, it has continued to innovate and further increase the output on the basis of the original pipe extrusion equipment.
鈼?nbsp;Traditional pipe extrusion equipment generally has production problems such as low output, deformation, and easy breakage. The company has overcome the above problems through continuous research and development.,welcome to come and discuss together.
1.Send invitation letters to invite customers to visit the factory.
2.If the customer cannot visit the factory, we will provide the customer with a detailed machine video to show the whole processing, making it immersive.
3.If the customer is interested in the entire machine, but has no production experience, we can provide raw material suppliers, cost budgets, employee training, etc.
1.When the customer cannot install the equipment independently, we can send engineers overseas to install it.
2.We can also provide drawing pictures for customers to install the machine by themselves, which saves the cost of air tickets for engineers to go out for installation. At the same time, you can better understand the machine and facilitate future operations.
3.If any machine is not running smoothly, you can come to us and we will give feedback.
Q1:You鈥檙e trading company or factory?
A1:We鈥檙e machine manufacturer,and we have our own trading company.
Q5锛欴o you provide customized machine?
A5:Yes, we can customize professional equipment according to your needs.
Q8:What is the guarantee of the machine?
A8:As long as there is a problem with the machine, we will solve it for you, whether it is within the warranty period or not.
Q9: What package do you use for the machine?
A9:For fragile products, we use wooden boxes for packaging. In order to save container space, we will use films or cartons for other parts.Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine