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鈼?/strong> Description Of Product
Craftsman power tool battery is made from battery cell, protection circuit module, Nickel Bar and wire through parallel or series assembly. The battery cell adopts nickel cobalt lithium manganate ternary or lithium iron phosphate as cathode material. It has the advantages of stable voltage, low energy discharge, long service life, etc.
鈼?/strong> Specification
Capacity:2Ah~50AH / Customized
Discharge Rate:Normal,2C,3C,5C,10C,20C,etc.
Standard Discharge Current:0.2C
Standard Charge Current:0.2C
Discharge Working Temperature:-20-60掳C
Charge Working Temperature: 0鈩儈45鈩?/p>
Recommended Storage Temperature:23卤5掳C
Certification:CE,UL,ROSH UN38.3, PSE,KE, etc
Warranty:12 months
Maintenance:120 months
鈼?/strong> Application
Lithium-ion brushless impact wrench, lithium battery electric mill, portable electric drill, direct-inserted electric lock screw, disk saw cutting machine for rechargeable lithium battery, Electric mower, Electric pallet trucks, sprayers锛宔tc.

鈼?/strong> Performance Characteristics
1)Voltage stability
Stable output voltage of Craftsman power tool battery can supply. The utility battery effectively prevents the damage of the unstable current to the product.
2)Low-energy discharge
Lithium battery adopts the unique formula and the process design of high quality raw materials, ensures self-discharge very small, deep cycle application design, the high energy density has excellent cycle performance and over-discharge.
3)High and low temperature adaptability
Craftsman power tool battery can be used in the environment of -20 掳C-60 掳C .
4)Long service life
Safe and reliable, explosion-proof and leak-proof, 500 cycles of charging, and lithium iron phosphate battery can reach more than 1000 times, no memory effect, good quality.
鈼?/strong> How To Use Craftsman Power Tool Battery?
1) Charging to 3.8 ~ 3.9V, the best storage voltage of the lithium battery is about 3.85V, Keep in 40%-60% discharge depth is appropriate, not full.
2) Lithium battery should be stored in 4 掳C ~ 35 掳C dry environment or moisture-proof packaging.
3) Stay away from heat sources and don't put them in direct sunlight.China Power Tool Batteries manufacturers